The Rules of The Game

Hit Points (HP)
Hit Points (HP) represents the amount of damage that your wrestler has taken, and the amount of energy he has left to compete. In a standard match, each wrestler starts out with 20 HP. As the wrestlers take damage form attacks, HP is removed.

Taking Turns
The order of turn is determined by each player rolling a d6 for initiative each turn. The player that rolls the heighest gets to go first. After both player have taken their turns, each player rolls initiative again, and the turn sequence begins again.

The Moves
There are 6 different types of maneuvers that you can use to drain your opponent’s HP.

The first is a strike maneuver. This can be executed when both wrestles are sanding, or if one is prone and one is standing. (Examples: punch, kick, leg drop, ect.). These moves remove 1 HP if they are successful. These moves are executed by each player rolling a d6. If the attacking player rolls highest, the move is successful.

The next is a grapple maneuver. This is any type of move in which you have to lay your hands on your opponent. These types of moves take 2 HPs from your opponent. The one drawback to this type of maneuver is that it may be reversed if you fail. These moves can be executed if both players are standing, or if the defender is prone (if you grapple with a prone wrestler, he/she is automatically returned to a standing position). (Examples: body slam, DDT, Irish whip, ect.) These moves are executed by each player rolling a d6. If the attacking player rolls highest, the move is successful. If, the defending player rolls highest, then each player rolls again, if the defending player rolls higher again, then the move is reversed and the attacking player looses 1 HP.

High Risk
High Risk maneuvers are any moves that involve a wrestler jumping off of the ropes or flying through the air in any way. These moves require 2 rolls and have the potential to remove 3 HPs from your opponent. The first roll is a safe one it is the set up move. If you fail the first roll, your turn ends and nothing happens. The second roll is the actual attack roll. If that roll along with the set-up roll is successful, then the move is successful, and 3 HPs is removed form your opponent. If you fail the second roll, then you attempt the high risk maneuver and miss (remove 1 HP from yourself). (Examples: Missile Drop Kick, Flying Elbow Drop, Flying Cross Body, ect.)

Pinning Combinations
See Going for the Pin

See Submissions & Macking them Tap Out

Trademark Finishers
The Final and most powerful type of maneuver is the Trademark Finisher. This move is unique to each wrestler and can only be executed under certain circumstances. First, your opponent must be at 15 or less HPs. Next the attack must roll a 6 on his attack roll and the defender must roll a 1. If this happens, the attacking wrestler may execute his/her Finishing Maneuver, removing all of the defending wrestlers remaining HPs. The attacking wrestler may immediately go for the pin. The defending wrestler rolls a d6, if he/she rolls a natural 6, they kick out of the pin and return to a standing position. If the defender rolls any thing other than a 6, the referee counts to three and the match is over.

Getting Up
If you are the recipient of an attack you are immediately knocked down, and are considered to be “prone”. If you are prone when it comes to your turn, each player rolls a d6, if the prone wrestler rolls highest, then he/she gets up and can attack on their next turn. If you roll a natural 6 you may get up and also make an attack that turn. For ever turn the prone wrestler is not attacked successfully, he/she adds a +1 to his/her roll.

Going for the Pin
Once you have taken your opponent down to 10 HPs or less, you can attempt to go for the pin. When you come to your turn and your opponent is prone, you don’t have to make any rolls to attempt the pin. However, you must defeat your opponent in three consecutive rolls to win in this manner. The three consecutive rolls represent the three count that you must get in order to win the match. If you fail the first roll, your opponent kicks out of the pin and may make a free attack. If you fail the second roll, your opponent kicks out and returns to a standing position. If you fail the third roll, your opponent kicks out of the pin, but remains in his/her prone position. If your opponent is standing when you want to pin them, you must perform a maneuver known as a “pinning combination”. This can be added to any type of move (except for a strike) by adding an additional roll to it. For example, if you want to do a power slam into a pin you must execute a successful grapple maneuver, and then win one more roll of the d6. Then the pinning rolls are the same.

Submissions & Making them Tap Out
On your turn to attack, if you choose to apply a submission maneuver, you must make 2 rolls. The first to apply the hold and the second to sustain the hold. If you are successful with both rolls, remove 1 HP from your opponent. After the submission hold is locked, each player continues to roll against each other. If the attacking player rolls highest, remove an additional HP from your opponent. Keep rolling until the defending wrestler rolls the highest. When this happens, the hold is broken, but the defending wrestler remains prone. In the event that the defending wrestler has 10 or less HP, and the submission is locked for 5 rolls, the defending wrestler taps out, and the match ends.

Please take a look at the ADVANCED RULES and the ROLE PLAYING suggestions, to make for a better and more realistic WWF RPG experience.

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