Advanced Rules

Cheating (within the rules)
Now when we say cheating in this game, we don’t mean that you should cheat the other players of the game by fudging dice rolls, or by any other method. What we mean by cheating is for your wrestlers or managers to cheat within the game, because cheating in this fashion is a big part of real pro wrestling. There are many different ways to cheat in our WWF RPG. Here they are:

Foreign Objects
To use a weapon (illegally) in this game you must make two rolls. The first roll allows you to pick up a weapon (once you make this roll, you are holding the weapon until 1). You ar hit by your opponent 2). You decide to throw it at your opponent 3). You simply decide to drop it). After you pick up a weapon, roll again to see if you connect with your attack. If you do connect, roll a further d6:

1-2 = the referee sees you and you are disqualified
3-4 = your attack is successful and it removes 2 HPs from your opponent
5 = your attack is successful and it removes 3 HPs from your opponent
6 = your attack is successful and it removes 5 HPs from your opponent

Run-Ins (outside interference)
Once during a match, each wrestler has the opportunity for a “Run-In” to come in and help them win a match (this is only an option and is not required). When you need it, roll a d6:

1,2,3 = No Run-In
4,5,6 = A wrestler of your choice can run in and attack your opponent with his/her Trademark Finisher (removing 10 HPs). Roll a further d6:

1,2,3,4 = The referee sees the interfernece and you are diqualified.
5-6 = The attack goes un-noticed and the match continues.
(Note: You can use this option to stop a pinfall even after the pinfall is awarded as a fast effect.)

Attacking The Referee
At any time during the match, any player may decide that he/she wants to try to knock the referee out that they may cheat without getting caught. To do this simply roll a d6:

1-2 = You hit the referee, but you fail to knock him out, and he disqualifies his attacker. The match is over.
3-4 = You hit the referee and he is knocked out for 1 round (anything goes).
5 = You hit the referee and he is knocked out for 2 rounds (anything goes).
6 = You hit the referee and he is knocked out for 3 rounds (anything goes).

Tag Team Matches
Tag Team matches can be contested in one of two ways. The first is each player controlling two wrestlers each, and the same time, and the second is two teams of two players each controlling one wrestler. The rules are the same as single competition with a few additions.

Making the Tag
When you are standing on your turn and you want to make a tag, roll a d6:

1-2 = Your opponent stops you from making the tag and removes 1 HP.
3 = The referee does not see the tag and forces you back into the ring
4,5,6 = The tag is made and there is a new legal man in the ring. You both must now make a new initiative roll.

Making the Save
After a pinfall is awarded (as a fast effect), roll a d6:

1-2 = You are not successful in stopping the pinfall and the match ends.
3-4 = You stop the count and remove 1 HP form your opponent.
5-6 = You stop the count and remove 1 HP from your opponent, also the illegal man replaces the legal man in the ring.

After a tag is made, for one turn you may attempt to double-team your opponent. This is done by both attackers rolling against the defender. If both rolls are successful, the attack does double damage. If only one roll is successful, the attack does normal damage. After the initial round of double teaming you may attempt aditional double-team attacks, however you will risk disqualifacation (use the forgin object chart).

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