Getting Started

Electing a WWF Commissioner
The best way to select your commissioner is to put it to a simple vote. In the event of a tie, the winner should be determined by the player who rolls higest on a d6.

Dividing up the Wrestlers
Now that you have selected a WWF commissioner it is time to select your wrestlers. (remember that each player starts out with 3 wrestlers) For the sake of example, we will say that three people are going to be playing this game, Matt, Anthony, and Mike. They have decided that Matt would make the best commissioner, and elected him. Lets say that Matt chooses Kane, Tazz, and Rob Van Dam for his stable. Anthony chooses Chris Jericho, Christian, and Sting. Finaly Mike chooses The Rock and Steve Blackman, but he also wishes to use Christian. What do we do? Matt as the WWF Commissioner decides that Anthony and Mike should each roll a d6 and whoever rolls higher will get the right to use Christian in his stable. Anthony rolls a 5 on a d6, and Mike rolls a 2 (the commissioner should observe each roll to make sure that there is no foul play). So Anthony rolled a higher number he gets to use Christian. So now Mike decides that he is going to use Grand Master Sexay instead. Now all three players have three wrestlers each in their stables.

Keeping Track of Records
It is the job of the commissioner to keep track of the records. As the commissioner you can keep track of the rankings in any way that you wish (as long as it is equal and fair to all players). The rankings will determine who gets title shots, and who can go after what belt (the first champions in a league should be determined in single elimination tournaments).

Manager Points & Getting New Wrestlers
Managers can score points so that they can buy more wrestlers into their stable When a managerís wrestler competes in a match he earns 2 points, however if his/her wrestler wins the match, he earns an additional 3 points (for a total of 5 points). Once a manager earns 100 points he may buy a new wrestler for his/her stable. At any time a manager may trade one or more of his/her wrestlers for another in someone elseís stable (the record that the wrestler has obtained must remain with that wrestler). However, you may not trade for a wrestler that has not yet been activated. Also you may sell your wrestlers to another manager for any amount of points that you agree upon. (Note: You must have at least 3 wrestlers in your stable at any given time).

Now That we're set up lets go to the RULES section and find out how to play this game.

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