The Tazz/Star Wars Poll results are in... The Question: "With Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones kicking so much ass.. If Tazz were to play a part in Episode III.. What would it be?" The Answer with 41% of the votes was "A Really Cool Bounty hunter". Comming up in second place with 23% was "That Would suck... I Hate Star Wars!!" How can you Hate Star Wars? Oh well... And finally with 14% in third place was "An Intergalatic Pro Wrestler". I guess with things going the way they are, he would have to be a intergalactic Wrestling Commentater. Untill next time I am Fats Juggalo... The next poll should run untill a little past mid August, so check back then for the next poll results... PEACE!!

First off all, I must apologize for not changing the poll of the month for six months, but I have been very busy. But fuck that, that's no excuse!!! So anyway the poll of the month for January 2002 that actually lasted for six months was: "What is your favorite Tazz quote?"... And the winner (not surprised) with 68% of the votes is "Beat me if you can... Survive if I let you" So today being June 18th... I will run the next poll until July 18th, so check back then with the results....

The results for the last poll of the year 2001 are in. The Question was, what is your favorite Tazz Move. Almost have of the Thug Life Tazz 13 fans out there (48%) think that the Tazzmission Plex is the best. This kind of came to a shock to me because this is a move that did not come with Tazz to the WWF, it was a move that he used in ECW, and you may or may not know that the Tazzmission Plex was the first of the Tazzplexes. It was simply called the Tazplex in the days of the Tazmaniac. I guess that the hardcore Tazz fans out there still love the old ECW Taz and with him love the Tazzmission Plex. Coming in second place with 32% of the vote was the world famous Tazzmission, and rounding out the top three with 11% of the vote was the Head & Arms Tazzplex. There were a total of 73 votes in this month’s poll.

November 2001... The Question.. "Who would you most like to see Tazz choke-out?" There were a total of twenty-eight votes on this month's question. And the winner with thirteen votes (46%) was Osama Bin Laden. With the state of the world at this time, it is not a very big suprise that Tazz fans around the world would like to see him locked up in the Tazzmission for a few minutes. Comming in second place with 25% of the vote was Eminem. I have to confess, I wanted to see him win the poll. As a huge Insane Clown Posse Fan myself, I fucking hate Slim Anus! William Shatner only recived 2 votes, which leads me to belive that Captain Kirk is still cool in the eyes of the Tazzmaniacs.

The results from October 2001's Thug Life Poll are in. The Question was; What title do you think Tazz should go for? To no surprise, the Tazz fans that visit my site think that Tazz should settle for no less than the "big one" - the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Out of the forty-two people that voted on the poll, sixteen of them (38%) thought that Tazz should be contending for the WWF title. Coming in second, also to no surprise was the WCW World Championship, with 24% of the vote. I would like to thank everyone who participated in my poll, and would like to invite everyone to vote on the new question that is now up.
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