July 21, 2002 - Tazz Back on Pay-Per-View

I was watching Sunday Night Heat on MTV tonight, when I heard the all to familiar sound of the heartbeats at the beginning of Tazz’ theme music. Sure enough, out come Tazz and Michael Cole. Tazz grabs a microphone and gives J.R. and The King their props, but feel that it’s their turn to call a Pay-Per-View event. Jim Ross agrees to let the SmackDown! announcing team call the first half of the show.
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July 19, 2002 – Tazz Autograph Session

If you are going to be in the New Haven, Conn. area on July 27... Tazz will be signing autographs from 6 to 7 p.m. at the New Haven Coliseum Box Office prior to the New Haven Ninjas game as part of fan appreciation night.
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July 13, 2002 – Tazz Sighting – Tazz Permanently at the Table

The following was an Email sent in by a visitor to this site, and I thought I would share it with you… He writes… The other day I'm in the mall in sears. Honest to god, I turned around and seen this short stocky dude talking to a sears guy about a TV. It was Tazz, sunrise mall in Massapequa NY. I had heard he lived in Long Island but wasn't sure. I didn’t bother him though just looked and walked away ya know. Didn’t feel like being suplexed through the TVs. That’s really cool. If anyone else has any Tazz sightings or encounters that they would like to share, feel free to Email them to me. In other Tazz related news… As you may already know, Due to injuries, Tazz will be permanently an announcer for the WWE. This has gotten a lot of Tazz fans down as of late. It really is a shame. Tazz is one of the best “wrestlers” to come through the WWE’s doors in its entire history. I have never seen anyone throw a suplex like Tazz. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle both come close to being as good, but there will always be only one Tazzplex. (Okay, so there are several different varieties of Tazzplexes – But you know what I meant, Smart Ass!). We as Tazz fans, can only prey that one day, the powers that be in the WWE will realize the errors of their ways, and permitting Tazz’ condition, we will on day get to see the Path of Rage in action again.

July 5, 2002 – We Are In Control – The Wasteland Takeover

As of this moment, there is a power struggle going on for control the FSI family. As you may already know, the Internet Force that was known as Fat Sacs INC sponsored Thug Life Tazz 13. (You may have noticed the banner on the front page of this website.) Other popular wrestling websites under the leadership of this conglomerate have been The Chokeslam, E&C Shrine of Awesomeness, and The Lionsault 2k1. But the days of FSI are over, and the new force in Internet Entertainment has taken over. Wasteland Productions is now the new proud parent website of TLT13. This is the power that is going to breath new life into this site. What does this all mean for you? I am pleased to announce that WLP has given me the okay to give TLT13 a brand new look and design. Not only will there be a new look to this website, but we are now having talks about changing the name of the site as well. I am really looking forward to bringing you the new and improved TLT13 in the near future, and I will keep you informed on this late breaking news as soon as it is available. This announcement has been paid for by the WLP

June 14, 2002 – YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME -- I'M BACK!!!

DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!!!! After a long absence from the scene, Thug Life Tazz 13 is BACK BABY!!!! I was sitting at home on Thursday night watching SmackDown (Tazz’ show by the way), when I heard that there would be a Tough Enough Reunion show on following SmackDown. So I figured I would check it out. It was actually a pretty cool show. One part in particular sticks out in my mind that just totally kicked ass. I am referring of course to Tazz, once again having the opportunity to punk out Darryl. (Remember him, the fat slow guy from Tough Enough 1?). I laughed so hard, I nearly shit my pants when I saw it. It was absolutely hilarious. I thought Darryl was going to cry like a new born right there on the spot. One thing I am concerned about is when in the hell is Tazz gonna get back in the ring and start choking out some punk ass bitches like only the path of rage can?!?! It seems to me like Tazz has been behind the announcers desk for ever and he needs to start kickin ass. Although I have to admit Tazz looks pretty pimped-out in his black suit and orange tie (I might have to get me on of those…) Be on the look out for some minor changes to the site in the near future. And, yes I know I have had the same poll of the month up since like January and shit, so I will change that as soon as I can think of a cool enough thought provoking question. Until next time, stay down, Tazzmaniacs, and you too can be JUST ANOTHER VICTIM.

January 8, 2002 – New Tag Team Champions!!!

On last night broadcast of the Raw Zone, Tazz and Spike Dudley became the WWF Tag team Champions of the world. This leaves me with many questions lingering in my mind. Why has Tazz teamed up with Spike? Is this a permanent pairing? What is going on with Tazz is this the push that we have been waiting for? I simply don’t know what is going on with Tazz right know. He and Spike have never really been friends, and all of a sudden they are the Tag Team Champions of the World. I look forward to see what is going to happen with this, and maybe Tazz can be in a Pay-Per-View for the first time in a great while.

December 12, 2001 – The Mood is About to Change

There is an optimistic feeling backstage regarding Tazz's current status in the WWF. The general consensus is that in the process of humiliating Tazz publicly in the ring, he is getting over with the fans as an underdog tough guy, one who is not afraid to take anyone on, as was shown when Tazz challenged the Undertaker.
It seems as though Vince is finally starting to exploit Tazz's real talents, thus, developing his gimmick. When Tazz first arrived in the WWF, Vince McMahon apparently did not "get" Tazz. This became apparent when Tazz was not pushed, as had originally been slated, however, the mood could be about to change soon.
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November 29, 2001 – Tazz Steps Up to the Plate

In recent weeks, the level of Tazz’ competition has been knocked up a notch, competing in matches with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Big Show, and The Undertaker. Tonight on Smack Down Tazz even engaged in a battle of “WOOOOOOs” with the legendary Ric Flair. Even though Tazz’ loosing streak still continues, his matches are getting better. Last week on Smack Down, Tazz was in a match with the gigantic Big Show. During that match, he had Show in the Tazzmission for longer than most of his recent matches have lasted. Absent from Raw on Monday, Tazz shows up out if the blue tonight to challenge The Undertaker. Much to my surprise, this match went the distance. Tazz locked on his Tazzmission on the Phenom and held it for quite some time, even as the pair spilled out onto the floor, Tazz held his ground. Tazz even managed to arm-drag Taker off of the top rope as he was going for his patented “old school” walking the ropes. Ultimately the match ended after The Chokeslam to Tazz, but at least the match lasted longer than thirty seconds.

November 19, 2001 – Tough Enough 2 Punk Out

Sources say if Tazz was displeased with his match against Steve Austin on RAW a few weeks ago, he didn't show signs of it. Apparently Tazz was happy about the amount of offense he got in during the 43 second match against 'Stone Cold.' Tazz was also in a good mood that night because he had the privilege of "chewing out" a Tough Enough contestant at the trials earlier that day. Apparently the contestant said he only joined because he hated Tazz's guts. Observers say Tazz verbally thrashed the youngster and had the contestant visibly scared of him during Tazz's promo against the Tough Enough applicant. The footage from this will air on the Tough Enough 2 casting specials.
Sorce: wrestleboard.com

William Regal Defeats Tazz on Raw

After a segment on Raw that makes me embarrassed to be a wrestling fan; Obviously, I am referring to William Regal having to kiss the bare ass of Mr. McMahon on live television, Tazz verbally punked out Regal backstage. This event led to an impromptu match-up later that evening. This match was pure garbage, and after a few moments locked in the Regal Stretch, Tazz reluctantly tapped out. I’ll be the first to admit that Regal is an awesome wrestler with a lot of talent. However, this loss did not go a long way in advancing Tazz’ so called “push”.

November 17, 2001 – Tazz Chokes out the Heart of ECW

On This weeks edition of SmackDown!, Tazz once again dawned the commentators headset. On what appeared to be a pretty uneventful broadcast for Tazz fans, soon into the show Tazz made his presence known. He also gave us a glimpse in to his future. As Paul Heyman addressed the owner of the WWF, Vince McMahon, on his opinions of the current state of “sports entertainment” a.k.a. pro-wrestling, he made the deadly mistake of including Tazz in his rant. Being the proud man that Tazz is, he was obviously tired of being the joke of the alliance. At the apex of Heyman’s fury, the attack came. Like a thief in the night, Tazz choked the life out of his former employer. This event left me, as I’m sure it did all of the other Tazz fans with a feeling of uncertainty. Had Tazz joined the WWF? Had he walked out on his career? Only time will tell what path the Path of Rage is going to choose.

November 12, 2001 – So Much For a Push

Tonight on Raw, Tazz fans received one of the biggest cock teases in Tazz’ career in the World Wrestling Federation. He had a match with the WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Tazz cut a pretty cool promo before the match, which led me to believe that we were in store for a good match. Boy, was I mistaken. The match lasted all of about forty-five seconds. Tazz had the upper hand in the match for the first forty seconds, and after a low blow, and the Stone Cold Stunner, the match was over. So much for the Tazz push that us fans have been speculating on the posting boards. One thing I am happy to report is that when Tazz came into the arena, he one again dawned the classic black towel that was so recognizable in his E.C.W. days. This could be the first step taken back to the old “Taz”.

November 11, 2000 - More Tazz Victims

With Al Snow very busy with the up coming Tough Enough 2, there is any empty chair on the Sunday Night Heat commentary table. Who better to fill that void then the man who made Heat famous, Tazz. Tonight on MTV’s Heat, Tazz was the commentator along side Good Ole’ M.C. (Michael Cole). So even though he may not be returning on the next season of Tough Enough, perhaps he will be the regular commentator on Sunday Night Heat. Tonight’s broadcast was very informative as to the future of Tazz in the WWF. He spent many of the segments trash talking the leader of the Alliance, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Just a couple of days ago, the crowd at SmackDown!, engaged in a “TAZZ” chant. Could this finally be the push that Tazz has been waiting for?

November 8, 2001 – Could it be Time For Tazz to Leave the Alliance?

On SmackDown!, Tazz challenged Stone Cold’s loyalty to the ECW/WCW Alliance. He said that the DTA (Don’t Trust Anybody) actually stood for Don’t Trust Austin. Stone Cold was fuming, but Tazz did not back down. Ultimately Tazz was rewarded for his defiance with a Stone Cold Stunner, but Tazz refuses to punk out to Austin. This has potential to be an interesting feud for the Path of Rage, Tazz, but he must be careful, because Austin has many allies, so if Tazz wants to win this war, he needs help. What better partners could Tazz look for but The Brothers of Destruction Kane and The Undertaker. Speaking of the B.O.D., check out my new website, The Chokeslam.cjb.net. The Newest and best website for all your Taker and Kane needs. Also if you have a wrestling website, you should join the Tazz Union, located at the bottom of this page.

November 04, 2001 – Tazz’ losing Streak is Finally Over

It was on tonight’s broadcast of Sunday Night Heat where Tazz faced off against Spike Dudley. After a quick back and forth match-up, Tazz locked on the dreaded Tazzmission, and little Spike had little choice but to tap out. At last, the loosing streak of which Tazz had been a victim for the past few weeks is over. Leave it to Tazz to come through for his fans on his own network of MTV (More Tazz Victims). I hope that this is a sign of things to come for Tazz, and that another month of jobbing is not in his future.
October 29, 2001 - Tazz’ Watch Speaks Spanish?

Usually when I am watching wrestling, and Tazz is made a fool of, it pisses me off. But, tonight on Raw, I kinda found it a little bit funny. The funny part abut it was not Stone Cold making fun of Tazz, but the fact that Tazz punked out Debra right in front of Austin and he did not even realize it. When Steve Austin said that his watch was saying that some nosy individual should leave the dressing room, Tazz looked a Debra, implying that she was the nosy one. Fuck you, Stone Cold!!! Punked out and didn’t even know it.

October 25, 2001 – Tazz’ Loosing Streak Continues

Tonight on SmackDown!, they showed Tazz badmouthing Nidia. Telling her that she doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the World Wrestling Federation. All of a sudden, Tazz is rudely interrupted by Al Snow, who challenges Tazz to a match. Tazz and Al Snow have a pretty good exchange of insults, but I think that Tazz did indeed win the battle of words. Unfortunately, he could not win his match. The match was however pretty good. It looked throughout the entire match that Tazz had the upper hand. He was throwing suplexes left and right. But, everything went downhill after he attempted the Tazzmission, that was blocked by Snow. Al Snow hit a version of a Power Bomb, and Tazz was finished. Also on tonight’s SmackDown! Broadcast there was an Alliance Battle Royal of which Tazz was a part. However he did not last long as he was quickly eliminated.

October 22, 2001 – Tazz Punks Out Maven in NYC

Tonight as the Dogg was watching Raw is War, it seemed to me that Tazz was not going to make an appearance on the show. But then live from WWF New York Maven announced that he was going into training and that he would return to beat Tazz without “Lady Luck” on his side. I think it’s more like Lady Nidia, after all it was because of her cheating that Maven was successful in his match against Tazz in the first place. As Maven made his announcement, Tazz out of nowhere attacked with lightning speed, and applied the Tazzmission. Within seconds, Maven was choked out and limp on the WWF New York stage. It was also announced tonight on Raw that Tazz will be facing off against Al Snow this Thursday on SmackDown!. This is a match that I know a lot of Tazz fans have been looking forward to since Al Snow jumped Tazz a few weeks ago. This should be the beginnings of a very interesting feud; Al Snow versus Tazz. Last time these two met in a match on WWF television, Tazz was victorious, so I know The Path of Rage can pull off another victory, and Make Al Snow “just another Victim."

October 20, 2001 – Tazz Trouble Report

The Torch reports that there continues to be heat between Paul Heyman and Tazz, but not as much as there used to be. One WWF wrestler says "Tazz thinks Paul is burying him while Paul thinks Tazz is shitty in the ring."
Sorce: wrestleboard.com

October 18, 2001 – Maven Score His First Victory
Unfortunately, Tazz’ Loosing streak is continuing tonight on SmackDown. With Nidia’s help, Maven scored his fist victory tonight at the expeance of the human wrecking machine, Tazz. It seems to me that Tazz is quickly becoming the laughing stalk of the World Wrestling Federation. In an early segment, the alliance were planing a surprise party for RVD, and Tazz was kicked out for warning Stone Cold of RVD chance at becoming WWF Champion. I only hope that my bitching does not go un-noticed, and that Tazz finally gets the push that all Tazz fans know that he deserves. I would however like to add, that I did see Tazz’ Stacker 2 commercial tonight on SmackDown, so at least we have that going for us.

October 15, 2001 – Kidman Upsets Tazz
Tonight’s episode of Raw is War was a complete waste of time if you are a Tazz fan. Tazz challenged Billy Kidman to a match and after about a minute and a half the match was over and Kidman was victorious. What the hell?!?! The powers that be in the WWF are really ill utilizing tazz’ potential. I don’t want to take anything away from the young Billy Kidman, but I thought that the WWF was setting up a feud between Al Snow and Tazz, but why did they do nothing to advance that story-line? Which brings me to last night’s broadcast of MTV Sunday Night Heat; Billed as a post-Garden party there was no sign of Tazz anywhere. In his home town he did not get any T.V. time. Heat (now hosted by Al Snow) would have been an excellent opportunity to advance the Snow/Tazz fued. I just don’t get it. Also, I am a little upset, that Tazz debuted in his own Stacker 2 advetisment a few weeks ago, and it has already been replaced by the Trish commercial. I guess the advertisers just don’t realize what is good talent.

October 11, 2001 – HAPPY BRTHDAY TAZZ!!!
Tonight, Tazz returned to the commentator’s table along with Good Ole’ M.C. for this episode of SmackDown!. Maven’s rematch with Tazz, was just as quick as his first match. Maven quickly tapped out at the hands of the Tazzmission. Al Snow provided color commentary for this match, had nothing but good things to say about Maven. After the match, Tazz attempted to sucker Maven in again for a cheap shot, but Maven had it well scouted. Maven fired back with a tremendous clothesline, and Tazz quickly left the ring. Al Snow rushed in to congratulate Maven. What a load of crap; Tazz got punked out on his birthday.

October 8, 2001 - Bad Day in Dudleyville
It was a six-man tag team match for Tazz tonight. Tazz Teaming up with the Dudley Boyz (accompanied by Stacy) faced off against The Big Show, Spike Dudley, and Tajiri (accompanied by Torrie). Unfortunately, Tazz’ team was not victorious in this match. This match was pure crap. It was nothing more, than a set-up to escalate the feud between Torrie and Stacy. It was announced that on the coming up episode of SmackDown!, There will be a rematch between Tazz and Maven

October 4, 2001 - Maven's First Match
Tazz faced the Tough Enough Champion Maven in his first televised match. Tazz, who was instrumental in the training of young Maven, showed no mercy on the newest addition to the WWF roster. In what seemed to be a very quick match, the Tazzmission was locked on, and Maven had little choice but to tap out. At the conclusion of this match, it seemed that Tazz was going to congratulate Maven for putting on a good match. Tazz extended his hand as a gesture of good faith, and just as Maven reached out; Tazz ripped his head off with one of his powerful clotheslines. Maven was “just another victim” in the path of the Human Wrecking Matchine.

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