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April 09, 2003 – The Gorilla Position

Yes, I know it has been quite a while since i updated this site... But you know how it is when a wrestler turns commentator, just not a lot to update... remember the Tazz disussion is always hot at The Tazz Union. But there is an all new Message Board for Wrestling Fans of all kinds. The Gorilla Possition is all new, and we would like all Wrestling Fans to head on over and grap a User name and Pass while they're hot!!!
          - Fats Juggalo

September 11, 2002 – Remembering Heros

Today would like to take a minute to honor those people who lost their lives in the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Especially the brave souls of the New York Fire Department, the police officers and the rescue workers who were killed doing their job, and trying to help those in distress. To you we salute you and ask that all Americans never forget the men women and children that died in the 9/11 attacks.
          - Fats Juggalo

August 10, 2002 – Announcement From Fats Juggalo

What’s up Tazzmaniacs? Fats Juggalo here with major announcement. My brand new website is now up and running. It is an Insane Clown Posse fan site, Created by my brother, Critter and myself. Although it is an ICP site, even non-ICP fans can find something they like over at! So go on over and check out the mad freshness that is the Dark Carnival. We may even make and ICP fan out of you.
          - Fats Juggalo

July 27, 2002 – WWE RPG in Multi-Media Section

A while back, yours truly and a group of his friends came together and created the WWF/E Role Playing game to be used with wrestling action figures... It has been up at the FSI site for quite a while, But I decided to bring it to you the Tazz Fanz!!! I stuck it at the top of the Multi-Media section because, frankly I coulden't think of anywhere else to put it. Anyway, Its up for your enjoyment, so check it out...
          - Fats Juggalo

July 24, 2002 – Tazz' Decision to Leave The Ring

For Everyone that has been wondering about Tazz' wrestling situation, has published an excellent interview with the man himself... In this interview, Tazz answers all questions about his decision to become a full time anouncer. This is a very candid interview with Tazz and every Taz(z) fan should read it. I actually found it to be very informitive, and it really is a heart felt interview.... Click the following link to read this interview...
Tazz: 'The Butterflies Are Gone'
          - Fats Juggalo

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